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Temporary user module

The temporary user module allows to create/delete users on TurnServer. To enable this module, set "mod_tmpuser" to "true" in turnserver.conf. This module is available on TurnServer SVN version and will be included in upcoming 0.5 version.

Once enabled, you can create/delete temporary users. First connect to localhost on TCP port 8086, then enter one of the following commands:

  • To create: create <user>:<password>:<domain> (where <user>, <password>, <domain> are respectively the desired username, password and domain for the temporary user).
  • To delete: delete <user>

In response to the command, a "success" or "error" string is returned.

Note that you cannot delete a non-temporary user, for example one created from account file.

A temporary account is automatically deleted when its allocation number drops to 0 either via allocation timeout or explicit deletion of allocation (via LIFETIME=0 attribute in a refresh message).

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Page last modified on January 27, 2011, at 04:21 PM