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2013.02.01 - TurnServer available as Debian package

TurnServer 0.7.2 is available in Debian SID official repository!

2012.10.01 - TurnServer version 0.7

TurnServer 0.7 is released, it is a maintenance release that fixes, amongs the others, some minor stuff related to future Debian repository inclusion.

2012.02.22 - TurnServer version 0.6

TurnServer 0.6 is released. It is mainly a bug fixes release.

2011.06.10 - TurnServer version 0.5

TurnServer 0.5 is released. It fixes some bugs and provides TURN-TCP (RFC6062) and TURN-IPV6 (RFC6156) support.

2010.05.02 - TurnServer version 0.4

Finally TURN has been published as the RFC 5766. So it is the time to publish the 0.4 version of TurnServer which includes experimental TURN-TCP support and a brand new multiprotocol (UDP/TCP/TLS/DTLS) TURN client example. This client can be compiled on Microsoft Windows but note that you need to find a getopt implementation if you want to compile with Microsoft Visual Studio.

2010.01.04 - TurnServer version 0.3 and more on TURN-TCP

TurnServer 0.3 is out and supports turn-ipv6 latest draft, experimental DTLS (TLS over UDP), credentials reload and fix a stack smashing bug.

About TURN-TCP, a version is available on SVN branch, Give it a try and if all go well, it will be integrated in SVN main tree (trunk).

svn co turnserver-turn-tcp

2009.08.26 - TurnServer version 0.2.3 and future work

Support turn-16 specification, coding style and bug fixes.

For the future work, I hope to begin TURN-TCP implementation in TurnServer soon. But I think I will wait for draft-ietf-behave-turn-tcp-05 version (which will fix comments addressed during WG last call) before study design implementation and code.

2009.03.09 - TurnServer version 0.2.2

Support turn-13 specification and multiple uplink support (experimental).

2008.12.15 - TurnServer version 0.2

TurnServer 0.2 is finally here with some improvement and turn-12 draft support. Check the download section to retrieve source code.

2008.11.22 - Release 0.1.3

TurnServer 0.1.3 is out. It is the last version that will support turn-09 draft specification. For turn-11 draft implementation, please see turnserver-draft-11 branch on SVN repository.

2008.11.05 - Begin to upgrade TurnServer to TURN draft 11 (warning experimental version)

Things already done :

  • Add attributes from turn-11 draft;
  • Add attributes from turn-11 draft;
  • Add authentication on all TURN responses when possible;
  • Pre-calculate account MD5 hash;
  • Re-organize some code (message-integrity calculation, ...);
  • Alternate behavior for DF flag;
  • Separate TCP and TLS sockets;
  • Correctly relayed data from peer to client in TLS;
  • Typos.

Things that need to be done:

  • Support multiple XOR-PEER-ADDRESS;
  • Quotas on allocation per user;
  • IP range restriction (CreatePermission);
  • List OS that support or not setting DF flag.

Give it a try: svn co turnserver-draft-11

2008.09.02 - Maintenance release 0.1.2

2008.08.16 - Release 0.1.1

Due to two major bugs (missing XOR for FINGERPRINT and IPv6 related one), we made this release.

Feedback welcomed on mailing-lists.

2008.07.26 - First release of TurnServer

We are glad to announce the first release of TurnServer - a TURN server implementation.

It supports the draft-ietf-behave-turn-09, draft-ietf-behave-turn-ipv6-04 and draft-ietf-behave-rfc3489bis-17.

It is a quite complete implementation, however there are few things that need to be done :

  • P flag support;
  • Port to MacOS X and Microsoft Windows.
  • Add a list of alternate servers with capabilities (IPv4 / IPv6, flags) in configuration file.
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